Tuesday Track

Tuesday’s track session was 8x400m with a 400m jog recovery in between each rep. I find track sessions incredibly difficult but, I guess, that’s the main point in doing them! I do always feel invigorated afterwards and extremely happy when I manage to complete a session.

Last night was uncomfortably warm and, as usual, I did the first 400m too quick. It’s too easy to get carried along with the faster runners initially but, by reps 3 and 4, I manage to settle into some kind of rhythm.

So, the splits:

Rep 1:   1min 38secs

Rep 2:    1min 41sec

Rep 3:    1min 45sec

Rep 4:    1min 47sec

Rep 5:    1min 47sec

Rep 6:    1min 48sec

Rep 7:    1min 46sec

Rep 8:    1min 40sec

I feel pleased that I was relatively consistent with the lap times and I always like to get a faster final lap. It makes me feel that I’ve not only survived the session, but conquered it!

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