Hellish Hills

Thursday’s club session is usually a nice, steady run around varying routes in Carlisle. It was surprisingly warm on Thursday evening and so I was debating whether to go for a run, or stay at home and relax. I really struggle to run when it’s even a little bit warmer than usual!

I managed to drag myself out of the door and into the car by telling myself that I’d enjoy a plod around Carlisle, and I could always slow down if the going got tough.

While waiting for the run to begin I overheard the dreaded words ‘Hill Sprints’. I hoped I’d been mistaken and that the coach was just mentioning it in passing… No such luck. The night’s session was the dreaded ‘Continuous Hills’! This involves blasting a gut to sprint up a hill for 1 minute before returning to the bottom of the hill within 90 seconds. 8 times!! The aim is to reach the same point on each sprint; pacing it right is key to not falling over and dying by rep 4.

The stats:

Rep 1:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  209m

Rep 2:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  177m

Rep 3:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  193m

Rep 4:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  193m

Rep 5:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  193m

Rep 6:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  193m

Rep 7:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  193m

Rep 8:  1 Minute    Distance Travelled  193m

Surprised at how consistent the reps were as it felt like torture and my legs were so heavy during the latter reps. A steady 2 mile jog back to the car and a good stretch afterwards has really helped avoid any muscle soreness.

Despite struggling (detesting) these sessions, they really are effective in developing leg power and good running  form. I also felt that the 3, yes 3, cream cakes that I had eaten earlier were now fully justified, and guilt-free :o)

In other news, myself and my cousin, Ali, made it into the local paper for our part in the Endurance Life Real Relay.

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