Ellenborough 10k

I decided quite late on to enter the Ellenborough 10k – I thought it may be a bit much to do another 10k so close to Sunday’s Cross Border Challenge. However, track was cancelled on Tuesday night so that helped me make the decision to just get on and do it. Plus, rain was forecast and I love to run when it’s raining!

I also felt a bit dejected after Sunday’s run. I didn’t enjoy the actual run as it felt tough and I had to force myself to keep going. I thought that the sooner I got out and had a run the better; just to put Sunday’s experience behind me.

Myself and my support team (the ever suffering other half and the girls!) arrived at Maryport at 6:30. Initially it was dry; but not for long! The heavens opened and didn’t stop for the remainder of the time we were there! Good for me running, but not so good for the family!

After registering, we loitered around until we were called to the start just after 7pm. It was really pouring down but oh, so refreshing!

The first 2 miles saw a long gradual climb up into Dearham. It was hard going but I just kept to a steady pace, passing a few people along the way who’d started off a bit fast – my mistake on Sunday! I felt comfortable and in control and in a much better frame of mind than I was on Sunday.

Ellenborough 10k Elevation

The next couple of miles were undulating but, at Mile 4, we hit the hill! And what a hill. My aim was to get a bit further than I did last year before walking. My pace was really slow but I did run 80% of it! Next year I will run it all…..

Reaching the top, my calves were screaming but the slight downhill helped me keep my pace and the calves soon loosened off. The next 2 miles seemed to pass pretty quickly and I felt really good! The rain is just so refreshing; I love it! I even managed to push on to finish strongly and beat last year’s time! Yay!

The time was a minute slower than Sunday’s run, but I felt so much better after it. It’s also a tougher course and so I was really pleased afterwards – it made me remember just why I love running.

I admit, I am a bit of a geek and love looking at stats and graphs so below is a comparison between last year’s Ellenborough 10k and this year’s.

2011 time on the left; 2012 time on the right

So, the time for mile 4 was slightly slower this year but I’m much happier with the pacing over the last half of the race. I struggled during the latter half of the Cross Border Challenge because I got the pacing so woefully wrong. Yesterday, I felt much more positive with the way I ran and I didn’t suffer as much during the last 2 miles because of it.

Soaked at the finish!

And now, it’s 2 days until Total Warrior! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we last did it! I am both excited and scared. It’s going to be a whole lot tougher than last year but I’m looking forward to embracing the challenge!

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