Our Feet in the Clouds..

Tuesday’s track session was tough. Again. During the warm up, we did 6 short sprints without our shoes on. It felt surprisingly good and I noticed how much my stride shortened and how I ran on my toes. Maybe minimalist trainers are worth looking into….I haven’t paid much attention to barefoot/minimalist running so far but perhaps it’s an avenue worth exploring.

Anyway, the main session was 400s with a recovery of 45second to 1 minute. I managed to fit in 11 of the awful reps; but it was a struggle. Again, it was uncomfortably hot which added to my pain! It was a good session with the coach making us focus on our form even when it felt like we wanted to die.

I was quite happy with the consistency of the reps although I did allow the recovery times to creep up a bit!

Thursday’s club session was, surprisingly, not hills!! Yay! Although that joy was short lived as the route we took saw a long drag uphill for the first 3 miles! It was hot. Again. The day before had seen absolutely torrential rain but, without fail, it’s always hot for the Tuesday and Thursday club runs!

We kept to a good pace throughout the run and I managed to do the last mile in under 8 minutes! A rare occurrence for me. I felt good throughout the run and my quads didn’t ache at all. Good times.

The best run of the week was reserved for Saturday. Myself and Ali decided to go off-road and head out to Caldbeck and up High Pike. This is what running’s all about! You can hone your fitness on the track and the roads and then utilise this fitness to conquer the fells. Trail running is totally different from road running. It’s not just about speed. The terrain is constantly changing meaning you’re constantly tested and some of the gradients would make grown men weep (maybe). I absolutely adore trail running.

Heading down into Caldbeck

Car park at the start of our run

Obviously, the first half of the run was all uphill and it was tough. With a combination of walking and running towards the top, we made it to the summit of High Pike. We were treated to some amazing views on the way up and it would have been a travesty not to stop and take in these breathtaking views. However, by the time we made it to the top, the clouds gathered and we couldn’t see anything!

The route back was fun, although downhill running is just as challenging as uphill. It really puts a strain on knees in particular. But it still feels amazing and liberating to just  let yourself go and descend the hill a heck of a lot quicker than you made it up!

Ali Heading Down from High Pike

Me Heading Down from High Pike

Arriving back at the car park, the runner’s high kicked in and we could revel in the fact that we’re able to get out and do these crazy things. We’re so lucky to live on the outskirts of the beautiful Lake District and we really shouldn’t take this, or our fitness, for granted.

Bemused residents of Caldbeck look on…

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