Well, Hello there Motivation!

While I’ve been loving my running at the moment, it’s come at the expense of other exercises that, although I may not enjoy them as much, are critical to my overall development as a runner. They’re also essential if I hope to remain injury free.

Luckily, Amazon must have realised that my motivation had nose dived somewhat and my collection of Jillian Michaels DVDs were getting rather dusty. They kindly sent me an email announcing the UK release of Jillian Michaels’ Extreme Shed and Shred and I hurriedly ordered it before I had a chance to wimp out and delete the email.

While awaiting this latest addition to my collection, I dug out 6 Week, 6 Pack. I’m aiming to focus on improving my core strength to hopefully reduce the occurrence of crippling stitches when running downhill. A weak core is often the culprit. I am also wanting to improve my upper body strength. I keep bemoaning the fact that I am weak but then doing nothing to combat it. As part of my Get Fit, Feel Epic challenge, I have downloaded the 100 Push Up app, and so far I have been able to complete every day. As part of the initial test to decide the level of programme you start on, I managed a measly 4 ‘good form’ push ups! Embarrassingly hopeless. But, I have started it and since push ups are my nemesis, I am proud to have managed 6 push ups in a row today! Small improvements make me happy!

This week’s club session on Tuesday was 800m reps with a 400m recovery. 800m used to be my favourite distance when I was younger; my best time over this distance back in the day was 2:48. How I wish I could run like that now!

I’m fairly happy with the consistency of the reps, and the recovery times have remained relatively consistent also. It’s often too easy to make the recovery periods increase in length towards the end of the session, particularly when the recovery is over a set distance rather than a fixed time.

Thursday’s Club run was an out and back off-roader . The aim was to go out for 30 minutes and then come back in 29minutes. It was fairly windy tonight and still warm. It’s easy to see that the nights are starting to draw in as it was getting fairly dark on the way back. Not good when you’re trying to negotiate tree roots!

Tonight was one of those times when everything felt good. I love these occasions – it makes all the training worth it! And I managed a negative split. Very pleased! It’s a nice route along by the river although the sets of steps along the way are rather torturous! Still, it felt great tonight and even the bat trying to attack me in the tunnel didn’t hinder me!

Tonight, I’ve finished off the week by completing Jillian Michaels’ Extreme Shed and Shred Level 1. It felt good and I managed to get through all the exercises without the modifications. The girls enjoyed joining in as well; not so good when you’re in a confined space!

So, I think I have regained my motivation and I feel ready to challenge myself again and push myself to do those exercises that I find hard and that I’d rather not do! As Jillian Michaels herself would say, “This is what makes change happen!”

I should add the disclaimer that I am not sponsored by Jillian Michaels. I realise I go on (and on, and on) about her but I really find her DVDs to be great motivators. It often feels like she can tell when I’m thinking of bailing and she’ll scream at me to keep going and telling me not to quit. OK, I admit, I may have an addiction to her routines, but there are worse things to be addicted to!

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