Get Fit, Feel Epic Week 2


So, we’ve entered the second week of the Get Fit, Feel Epic challenge. Despite a terrible run on Saturday where I struggled to do 3 and a half miles, I’m still clinging on to my motivation!

I’ve found the first week to be good and, so far, the challenges that I have set myself seem very achievable. I’ve managed to do Jillian Michaels’ DVDs 3 times this week. I did 6 Week 6 Pack, No More Trouble Zones and Level 1 of Extreme Shed and Shred. I didn’t struggle as much as I feared I would despite neglecting the cross training recently.

I have also started the 100 Push Up programme. This is a real test for me as I really struggle with them. I chose this challenge as it is a really tough exercise for me and I just feel that if I can conquer them, then I will get a real sense of achievement. It’ll prove to me that if I can focus, then I can improve my weaknesses rather than just ignoring them. At the start of last week, I could manage 4 ‘good form’ push ups. I can now do 8 in a row! A little improvement, maybe, but definitely heading in the right direction 🙂

As part of my training towards achieving a half marathon PB (hopefully during the Great Cumbrian Run on October 7th), I attend track sessions with the Club on Tuesdays. The interval training really helps to bring on your pace and helps you to speed up over the longer distances. This week’s track session was 4 x 1,000m with a 200m recovery. As the coach says, this recovery period is as important as the rep because, if you’re not fully recovered, then you won’t be able to keep up the effort on the later reps.

I feel like I’ve done quite well with my goal to eat more healthily and I’m already noticing a difference – less wobbling when I run! I have been logging on to My Fitness Pal, which really helps to focus your mind on what you are actually putting into your mouth – it’s too easy to fill up on empty calories without actually noticing the amount you’ve eaten!

The main obstacle to achieving my goals is always the excuse of having no time! With three young daughters and working 4 days a week, it’s finding that balance between having time to yourself without completely neglecting your family! Luckily, the girls enjoy joining in with the exercise DVDs and so that’s a fun thing for us to do together. They also enjoy laughing at me as I get very red faced during the exhausting routines!

This week I am taking things a bit easier. Rather than doing the JM DVDs, I am instead following some of the exercises out of her book Making the Cut. This is so that I can perform core and upper body exercises whilst giving my legs a rest. I am taking part in the Great North Run on Sunday and so this is a week where I should really back off on the training in order to get to the start line feeling fresh.


I hope everyone taking part in Get Fit, Feel Epic is enjoying working towards their goals and I wish you all success in achieving them.

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One Response to Get Fit, Feel Epic Week 2

  1. Kris says:

    You’re making good progress! Track repeats (as much as I hate them) are so good for you, and pushups are too.

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