Great North Run: Recovery Week….

Often after a big, ‘target’ race, I feel a sense of sadness that it’s over. However, luckily, this hasn’t happened after the Great North Run. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that another run that I look forward to throughout the year is only 2 weeks away! Yes, the Great Cumbrian Run is fast approaching. It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we were last toeing the start line.

I missed the track session this week – I thought it’d be a bit too much to do a tough speed session only 2 days after completing a half marathon. Instead, I did a gentle 15 minute leg stretching run after work on the Wednesday. Everything felt good; no aches or pains. Good times! This made me decide to do the club run on the Thursday.

Thursday evening’s run was wet. Very wet! Unsurprisingly, the turnout was quite low with quite an uneven weighting towards the faster runners! Myself and another girl stuck together throughout the run but the pace felt fast. The rain really helped, though, and I felt really good despite the pace being a bit quicker than I would have liked for 4 days post half. It was only during the last mile that my quads started protesting, but I did manage to finish strongly. I was absolutely soaked to the skin but tonight’s run was awesome and I felt brilliant for getting out and sticking to a decent pace, especially because it wasn’t a flat route – the first 3 miles are uphill!





Today, I managed to get out and do a nice steady 6 miles. It was a gorgeous morning; the sun shone brightly but there was a nice chill in the air. Perfect running conditions! The legs felt good although I really felt it when I tackled the horrendous hill at mile 3. I hate this hill. There are so many routes I can do that avoid this hill, but I keep coming back to it. It does feel good to make it to the top and feel like I have conquered this behemoth of a hill! Take that evil hill of doom! You can’t beat me!

It was good to get out, get some more miles under the belt at a pace that felt comfortable. I did plan on doing 8 but I thought, since I’m currently suffering from a cold, I wouldn’t push it too much. The last thing I want is for the cold to worsen and hinder my running more! I’d go insane if I couldn’t get out and run!



So, there’s my ‘easy’ recovery week. The next couple of weeks will also be a bit more restrained – I so don’t want an injury wrecking my chance of a decent time in the Cumbrian Run..


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