Get Fit, Feel Epic Week 4

This week has been a little frustrating and I feel that I stagnated a bit. Last week’s track session, where we focussed on good form, left me hobbling for the next few days. Also, after a 5 mile run on Sunday, I was again left reaching for the Deep Heat, and praying that I haven’t blown my chances of achieving a PB in Sunday’s Great Cumbrian Run.

Anyway, I have continued with my goals, albeit at a reduced intensity. As I’ve explained previously, I was trying to minimise any risk of injury before my half marathon by limiting the exercise that I did do. I messed up big style on Tuesday by altering my running form too quickly and at too high an intensity.

I failed miserably this week at doing my Jillian Michaels’ workouts. I haven’t done any. I could blame time constraints but, if I’m honest, I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to do it even once. Epic fail! I could also use the excuse that my calves hurt but, again, I could have just focused on core exercises. I’ll be back with it next week. Promise.

The 100 push up challenge is going OK. I have done it twice this week. The last workout saw me doing sets of 12,14,11,10 and 16 with a 120 second rest in between each. Again, I am happy with my progress here 🙂

I’ve so far lost half an inch from both my hips and waist. This is small progress, but at least it’s going in the right direction. I have failed again with eating healthily this week. I got carried away baking at the weekend and had to eat what I’d made; Sticky Toffee cake, buns, chocolate cake and trifle. It’s been a bit of a blow out week but I understand the reasons behind this non-stop eating and will be making a real effort this week to make healthier food choices.

Our challenge for this week was to try something new. Yoga is something I keep meaning to do because I know it can help reduce the chances of injury. I am so inflexible and I really believe that Yoga can remedy this and help me run injury free for longer. I have no excuse at why I have avoided Yoga for so long. My good friend is a Yoga teacher and her flexibility, and fantastic figure, are obvious signs as to the benefits of this type of exercise.

So, I gave it a go by checking out Yoga Poses for Runners. The girls also joined in and we had great fun trying it out. I could really feel the stretches working and I will keep up doing these as part of my weekly routine. The website I checked out listed 13 Yoga poses. Here are a few pics of us attempting the poses; note my inflexibility!

Seated Wide Angle Forward Fold (Upavistha Konasana)

Cow-Face Fold (Gomukhasana)
Figure 4 Pose (Sucirandhrasana)
Butterfly/Cobbler Stretch (Baddha Konasana)

Next week’s challenge is to think about our favourite TV show (currently Great British Bake Off) and devise an exercise routine based on things that regularly happen during the show. For example, Mr Hollywood may say that he doesn’t like the taste of something; I’d then, perhaps, do 5 push ups. Or Mary Berry may comment on a pie that has a soggy bottom; I’d then do 5 star jumps. I will have a think about this and make the routine before catching up with this show on the iPlayer.

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One Response to Get Fit, Feel Epic Week 4

  1. Lots of people had rough weeks this week here’s to a better week next week! Love the pics too they made me smile 🙂

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