Get Fit, Feel Epic Week 5


Wow, Week 5! This challenge, and this year (!) is flying by! How can it be October already!?!

Again, as usual, I’ll begin with a round up of my goals and assess any progress, if any, I have made.

I did 1 Jillian Michaels’ DVD this week – that’s a 100% improvement on last week’s effort! I did 6 Week, 6 Pack as this obviously focuses on the core allowing me to save my legs – I did a half marathon on Sunday and didn’t want to kill my legs completely. I also did a circuit out of her book, Making the Cut; again focusing on upper body and core.

The 100 push up challenge is going OK. I’ve struggled with the last couple of work outs and so have chosen to go back and repeat Week 3, Day 3 until I feel more comfortable with it. I don’t feel that this is a backwards step as I have been unashamedly astounded at how many push ups I can now do compared to how many I could manage when I initially started.

The healthy eating has been going better and I have managed to keep the 1/2 inch loss from my hips and waist. I did have a pig out yesterday with a Key Lime Pie that I made but a treat now and again isn’t going to impact hugely and will help with motivation levels!

I have failed on my goal to get a half marathon PB this year. I struggled during the Great Cumbrian Run, mainly to do with my hips, and didn’t manage to achieve my best time. I will learn from this, though, and, hopefully, I’ll smash my PB next year. I have done 3 road half marathons this year in times of 2:01:06, 2:01:19 and 2:02:29. I’d call that pretty consistent and so I know that a sub 2 hour time is within me. I just have to dig deep, break out of my comfort zone and work hard to achieve it.

Our challenge this week was to devise an exercise routine based on our favourite TV show. I chose Great British Bake Off and my routine is shown below……..


It wasn’t a huge calorie burner to be honest, most probably under a 100 calories, but I enjoyed doing it.

This weeks challenge is to do push ups, adding more each day. This is right up my street šŸ™‚


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