The Joy of Running

Yesterday, I went out for my first run since last week’s disappointing Great Cumbrian Run.   I, along with my cousin, Ali,  decided to head out somewhere different in order to stave off the boredom we had begun to feel when plodding round our usual routes. So, I plotted a route on Map My Run round the small village of Caldbeck. The route came out at just under 7 miles and, I thought, if we did the route clockwise we’d avoid the monster hill heading out of Caldbeck. I don’t know the roads round Caldbeck that well and this decision would come back to haunt me!!

This was the route that I plotted…….

I met Ali at the car park in Caldbeck at 9am. It was cold and, thankfully, I had my gloves in the car so my fingers were able to stay nice and toasty. We consulted the small map on my phone and (unknown to us!) headed off in the opposite direction. We are hopeless!

It was such a beautiful morning. A nice, crisp Autumnal morning; the kind that makes you feel so lucky to be alive!

The route seemed to involve hill after hill after hill, with very few rewarding down hills. We soon realised that it was going to be a longer run than we’d initially thought, although we couldn’t think where we’d gone wrong. We thought may be Map My Run had got it all wrong and hadn’t included the hills when it was calculating the distance…….

One of the many hills….

We also encountered some cows but, luckily, they proved to be friendly and looked on bemused as we interrupted their quiet Sunday morning stroll.

One of the few level sections of the route…..

At mile 7 of our supposedly just under 7 mile run, we finally came to a lovely, knee-jolting down hill. The relief! A lovely down hill finish into Caldbeck and back to the place we’d started. Checking the route later, we realised that we shouldn’t have headed off into Hesket Newmarket at all!

The route we actually took….. Sack the map reader!

And check out these hills……..

Hills, Hills, Hills!

Overall, despite it being a tough little run, it felt fantastic to get out on such a beautiful morning with good company. It definitely helps to bring back the simple pleasure of getting out there and running for the pure joy of it.

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