Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile Road Race

Yesterday saw the 61st running of the Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile road race. It is officially the oldest 10 mile road race in the UK and attracts a lot of quality club runners. However, it is still a friendly race and so you never feel daunted or that you shouldn’t be there unless you’re a whippet.

The morning started wet and cold but the sky was beautiful. I couldn’t resist taking some photos whilst on the morning walk with the dog.


After dropping the girls off with mum and Auntie Karen, I headed into Carlisle. I left the car at Bitts Park and made my way round to Ali’s. She drove us to William Howard School in Brampton and we registered for the run. We were both in two minds as to whether to do this run and so just entered on the day. The way this year has finished, I just wanted to get round. Ideally under 1 hour 30 mins or I’d be seriously starting to doubt whether this running lark is for me!

We had an hour to kill before the race was due to start. Luckily, the school is open and so you’re able to keep nice and warm and comfortable. I really hate this waiting time, though. The nerves and doubts start creeping in and you just want to get out there and get running.

Finally, it was time to assemble at the start and, at 11:30, the starting gun went off, scaring a few people and making them jump!

This race always starts off fast due to the super-fit, super fast club runners at the front. It is so, so easy to get dragged along with them and start of at a speed that you know you can’t sustain. I do keep telling myself not to start too fast, not to get carried away, as I know I’ll pay for it later. However, it falls on deaf ears and off I go charging away at a crazy (for me!) pace!

The first half of this race was really enjoyable. I felt strong and I felt really relaxed despite the hailstones that appeared briefly at mile 3! After 3 miles, I’d settled into a comfortable pace. Unfortunately, at 5.5 miles, my left hip started to tighten and, as my hip protested at every step, my enjoyment of the run was greatly reduced. From mile 7, my legs just felt like lead and it was a battle, with my mind more than anything, to keep on going. Between miles 8 and 9, I stopped to try and stretch out my hip but there just didn’t seem anything left in my legs. Very frustrating! The last mile was painful and I was so relieved to cross the finish line. the time on my Garmin was 1 hour 27 and 59 seconds, 1 minute 20 seconds slower than last year. I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t better my time from last year but I can wrap up this year now and focus on getting fitter (and, hopefully, faster!) in 2013.

At the finish, we received a rather nice memento. It was really good to receive something that little bit different rather than a medal or T-Shirt.


Now the focus for the rest of the year is to maintain my fitness but give my legs some time to recover and repair. Looking on to 2013, the Resolution 10K and the Haweswater half will be my first events. I always need something to focus on in order to keep up motivation levels and get me out on those days where I just want to lie on the sofa and eat lots of junk!

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