13 in 13: January Round Up


February already. In some ways, January has seemed to last an age but then it seems only yesterday that we were welcoming in a new year and saying goodbye to dad.

While the month is still young, I’ll take this opportunity to look back at January and assess how my goals are going and what I need to do to keep on track.

1. Sub 2 hour half. After a slow start to the year where every run was a struggle, things seem to be clicking into place. Although I haven’t made it to track night this year, I have been doing at least one 30 minute hill interval session per week on the treadmill. I did my longest run of the year so far yesterday and it felt good. My leg strength must be improving as the hills didn’t seem quite so daunting. I’m not saying that I powered up them as if they weren’t there, rather that it felt easier than usual and I wasn’t gasping for breath at the top!

Elevation from Sunday's run

Elevation from Sunday’s run

Sunday's run pacing

Sunday’s run pacing

It was a nice, steady run with Ali and we both felt pretty strong at the finish. A confidence boosting run that we both so desperately needed.

  • 2. Make something new for tea every Sunday
  • 3. Spend more time in the Lakes
  • 4. Save more
  • 5. Recycle more

These haven’t gone too well unfortunately. Things can only get better, though, and I know what I need to do to get back on track.

6. Do a Yoga routine 3x per week This has been going really well. I know that the biggest barrier to achieving my running goals is the bursitis in my hips. For this reason, I ensure that I fully stretch after a run and work to increase my flexibility by doing Yoga that specifically targets my problem areas.

  • 7. A family walk at least once a month
  • 10. Get out for a run with the girls at least once per month

The last couple of weeks have seen poor weather and a lack of time has meant these have stalled. However, the girls have enjoyed joining in with my evening exercise routine and their sheer enjoyment at getting involved is highly motivating.


  • 8. Be more creative
  • 9. Write a Blog post at least once per month

Again, time constraints have interfered with this one. I do need to start being more organised and set time aside to indulge my creativity. A great way to relax and cleanse the soul.

  • 11. Do at least three challenges per month on Tribesports
  • 12. Offer more encouragement to the other half with his efforts for a fitter 2013

I’ve taken on a couple of Tribesports challenges this month and introduced the better half to this motivating website also. 2013 is going to be our year for a fitter and healthier family which will reap numerous benefits over the years to come.

And, number 13, my big goal. I have officially entered the Lakeland Trails marathon in July!!! No going back now.

I know it’s going to be a huge challenge but, with proper preparation, I know I’ll achieve it. I have decided to do this run, and the Great North Run, in my dad’s memory. More information on this can be found here. I have no set amount to raise, I just want to raise as much as I can for the Alzheimer’s Society, and pray that one day a cure may be found to beat this evil disease.

And so, while some of my goals are going well, I need to concentrate on those ones that I know will enrich my life but require more time. Organisation is a huge factor in achieving these goals and something that I will be working on in February!

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3 Responses to 13 in 13: January Round Up

  1. plumpetals says:

    Congrats on signing up for the marathon! I’m looking forward to reading about your training progress! Glad your yoga is going well – I’ve been missing out on my daily morning yoga, but still trying to get my yoga/stretching practice in at some point during my day.
    Good luck working towards the rest of your goals in February! 🙂

  2. Diggitydigg says:

    Good luck! I need to get moving again and found this post very encouraging.

    • kathsb says:

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s hard getting out when the weather’s been so poor but having something to focus on gets me out the door 🙂

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