Brooks Glycerin 11: Review

Since buying my new Brooks Glycerin 11s from the informative and helpful staff at Chivers in Carlisle, I have covered almost 40 miles in them. The terrain on which I’ve used them has varied from road, track, a little off-road and the dreaded treadmill. Obviously, they’re marketed as a neutral road shoe but it’s useful to know that they do perform adequately on harder trails with minimal squelchy mud. I found this out after turning up at club night and, rather than the usual road run, we headed off road. The majority of this trail was compacted mud, grass and gravelly trails and, while the Glycerin 11 wouldn’t be my first choice, it can perform adequately in an alien environment!

Glycerin 11s (on the left) and Glycerin 10s (on the right)

Glycerin 11s (on the left) and Glycerin 10s (on the right)

Initially, the most striking difference between the Glycerin 10s and the Glycerin 11s is on the sole of the shoe. Rather than having an arch, the cushioning continues all around the shoe. It did make the shoe look chunky and I was worried that the shoe would feel heavy on my foot.

All round cushioning. Glycerin 11 on the left; Glycerin 10 on the right.

All round cushioning. Glycerin 11 on the left; Glycerin 10 on the right.

When I put the shoe on, it felt so comfortable; almost like slipping on a sock! The inside of the shoe is seamless reducing the chance of irritation and discomfort. As Brooks themselves describe, the ‘ultra conformable upper that uses innovative 3D Fit Print overlays to create structure and reduce weight’, serves to cradle the foot and envelop it snugly whilst avoiding any tightness.

As for my fears over the weight of the shoe, I compared the weight of my size 5.5 Glycerin 10s with my size 5.5 Glycerin 11s. Surprisingly, the Glycerin 11s were 11g lighter than my previous shoe.

Another good, and very important (!) feature is the available colours. I do like bright, eye-catching colours and the 11s do not disappoint! Available in shocking pink/grey and fluorescent yellow/grey, I opted for dazzlingly bright blue!

They're blue. Very blue.

They’re blue. Very blue.

The longest run that I’ve done so far in these shoes is 7 miles. They felt comfortable straight from the box and my feet are spoiled with the amount of cushioning.

Overall, I am very pleased with these shoes and Brooks haven’t disappointed with their upgrade of this popular member of the Brooks family.



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5 Responses to Brooks Glycerin 11: Review

  1. TartanJogger says:

    love the colour!

  2. I got the exact same pair a few months ago. I tried 4 different shoes and kept coming back to the 11s. I had only one bad experience with these. It was a particularly hot day and I was running 8 miles. During the last 2 miles my feet were sliding around inside the shoe. The shoes were soaked! Never had that happen before. Other than that I really like them. Thanks for reassuring me on these sneakers!

  3. H rogerson says:

    I’m glad I’ve read your blog. I’m an asics running shoe fan and had quite a bad experience in my last pair of brooks so was quite wary about the glycerin 11. Off out today for a trial run in them so fingers crossed they are as good on my feet as they are on yours!

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