Renewed Motivation: Cross Training Revisited!!

The end of the year seems to be rapidly approaching but Autumn often heralds new beginnings. Our two eldest daughters have started at a new school; one which conveys a friendly ethos and is in stark contrast to their previous school. I hope that they both thrive in this school and are happy and settled. It’s always difficult making decisions for your children but, I believe, changing school was the right one given the circumstances.

My motivation has really been boosted as well. It’s good to see it back! I always manage to fit my runs in – it’s my sanity saver after all – but my desire for cross training has nose dived over the last few months. However, with the other half’s dedication to increasing his fitness, and the fitness competition at work, I am, once again, enjoying adding extra workouts to compliment my running.

I am doing a mixture of Tabata type workouts and I’ve dusted off my Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper DVD collection. I’ve also downloaded a Yoga App (Yoga Studio) on to my iPhone and I do at least 15 minutes of Yoga a day.

Yoga Studio App

Yoga Studio App

On Tuesday, I made it to the track session. It was really chilly to begin with but, as always, we quickly warmed up. The main session was 8x600m with 1 minute 45 seconds of rest. I was pleased with the pacing and the recoveries were quite consistent, although they were nearer 1min50.

Relatively consistent...

Relatively consistent…

8x600mpaceOn Thursday, I took a half day and with Erin off school due to the teacher’s strike, I went for a short run while she cycled alongside. It was a steady run but I did blast up one hill because I really wanted a CR on Strava! Sad, I know, but little things and all that…!

Bragging Rights....

Bragging Rights….

The week was rounded off nicely with a run round Rosley with Ali. This route never gets easier but we keep making ourselves do it. It’s a good little route for hills. I say good but it’s anything but while we’re doing it. Afterwards, though, we can feel like we’ve accomplished something and it sets us up well for the day.




It drizzled throughout the run but it was refreshing and helped cool down our quads as they burned from the efforts of the demonic hills. We stayed at a comfortable pace were we could happily gossip: there was silence when we tackled the hills though!

rosleypaceAfter our run, we had a good stretch and then went off home to get warmed up. Later in the afternoon, I did a Bob Harper workout that mainly focused on the upper body – my weakest area! My shoulders are still sore today! I then did a relaxing 15 minute yoga routine later that evening in order to loosen everything and wind down for bed.

I’m feeling really positive at the moment with regards to my exercise and, with the other half on a real fitness drive, it makes it so much easier to find the motivation to get moving.

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