Sport in Action Resolution 10K

After dropping the girls off with Grandma and Auntie Karen, we made our way through to Carlisle Racecourse for the Resolution 10k. This run is perfectly timed to assess the damage of the excessive indulgence over the Christmas period and inspire you to, once again, get back on the fitness wagon.

This was a sell out event and it’s easy to understand why. There is such a friendly atmosphere from the organisers of this event and from the other runners. Following registration, we hung around in the warm hall to await the safety announcement.

resolution 10k route

Conditions were perfect for running but I felt so nervous about this event that I just couldn’t relax at all. I do need to learn to chill out more as nerves can easily work against you.

As 11am approached, we were led out to the start and it wasn’t long before the starting hooter had gone and we were away. As usual, I set off a tad fast. The first 2 miles felt like a long drag with a long, gradual incline. It was with some relief that we turned off and had some relative flat to take a breather. The next couple of miles were on narrow country roads with some undulations. It was just before mile 4 that my earlier pace caught up with me and thoughts of stopping entered my mind! That nagging voice telling me to quit keeps coming back but I did manage to ignore it to some extent. My pace eased off during miles 4 to 5 as I battled with thoughts of stopping and walking in order to halt the hurt.

At mile 4, Ali passed me looking strong. I need to take pacing lessons off her as she’s very good at getting it right! Nearing mile 5 was a great relief – the end was in sight. A guy had just passed me but I was determined to stay with him and managed to get some focus back. My breathing was comfortable and, for the most part, my legs felt OK. It was only my mind telling me that I’d done enough and couldn’t give any more! I dug in and made the lady about 50 yards ahead of me my new target. Having something else to focus on really helped distract me from  the pain in my calf, a niggle that had developed after Tuesday’s track session.

As I started reeling in the lady in front of me, I found some renewed energy and managed a to pick up the pace to the finish. Despite no PB, I was pleased to find that I’d at least achieved my fastest time for this course. I’d finished in 52:14. This now gives me a benchmark for the rest of the year and, I hope, I’ll be able to achieve a new 10k PB at some point this year. It wasn’t long before Tristan came storming over the line achieving his fastest time for this route.

resolution 10k pace


Overall, this was a fantastic event. Great organisation and friendly, supportive marshals. For only £9 to enter, this was a real value for money event, especially considering it was chip timed and everyone got a medal!

resolution medal

To achieve a PB, I need to do a lot of work and the run on Sunday has renewed my motivation and desire to do it. Importantly, I need to find methods to mute out the voice in my head that tells me I can’t do it as I do believe I have it in me to go faster. It’s just the self doubt keeps creeping in.

resolution 10k smiles

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