Our Feet in the Clouds….Again

Arranging to take a day off while all the girls were at school/preschool meant only one thing. Another day where myself and Tristan could head to the hills once more. The problem with fellrunning is that it’s so addictive! You’re always wondering when you can get your next fix!

I’d plotted a route that would give us 4 or 5 Wainwright’s depending on how we were doing for time.

After dropping the girls at school, we headed down to the little village of Braithwaite, just on the edge of Keswick. It was cloudy but dry; we just hoped the cloud circling the tops would be gone by the time we reached the summit.

We could see Barrow looming over as we parked the car. All being well, this would be our final peak of the day. After donning our kit, we headed off through the village to Braithwaite Lodge. After a quick 6 miler the day before, Tristan was already feeling its effects as we headed up a long incline which led to the lodge. He was feeling the effects even more when I took a little diversion from the route up a vertical climb before realising I was, once again, following a sheep path! The path then exited the field and it was on to the road for just over a mile as we headed in the direction of Stair. Despite the gloom, it was rather warm and we knew this was going to be tough.

Just before reaching Stair, we left the road and the climb began almost immediately. It was tough going but I just kept plugging away, alternating running with walking. The distinctive summit of Causey Pike rose out of the gloom.



Approaching the summit, the scramble looked daunting. There was one bit were I did question why on Earth I was doing this but I survived! I’m not great with heights but the best tactic seems to be to just get on with it and not think about it too much!

After the scramble we were on the summit of our first Wainwright; Causey Pike.


The clouds were constantly moving but we were afforded some views and what we saw was breathtaking. All the struggles of the ascent forgotten as we drank in the amazing scenery that surrounded us.

It wasn’t long before we were heading along to Scar Crags. The path was stunning as the cloud danced around us and the side plunged to the valley floor leaving a magnificent back drop.


At Scar Crags, the zig zag path up to Sail proved too tempting and so we made the decision to bag it. The climb was arduous but it didn’t take as long as I expected. The descent also proved tricky as the loose stones meant real care had to be taken. It would be so easy to turn an ankle!

The path to Outerside alternated between loose stoned paths and knee deep bogs. The walk/run alternating was serving me well as I still felt like I had bags of energy! Running on these fells seems to fill me with enthusiasm and I feel rejuvenated. Awesome!

We then headed off Outerside. The path down was stony and I managed to slip on a rock, landing heavily on my backside! Thankfully, I’m well padded there but Outerside has left me with a pretty impressive bruise to remember it by! Don’t worry, no photos available of that!!


We headed to Barrow via Stile End. Again, the climb up to Barrow was tough but one of the easier climbs of the day. After Barrow, it was a nice descent back down into Braithwaite. This descent was more runnable than the other ones of the day but the steepness meant I had to do little zigzags to keep upright!


We stopped our Garmins as we left Braithwaite Lodge and found we’d covered 9 miles. Epic!


It was then a case of a quick stretch off and into the car in order to get back and pick the girls up from school. Another amazing day on the fells. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful corner of England.

Wainwright’s bagged: Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Sail, Outerside and Barrow

Other Peaks: Rowling End and Stile End









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One Response to Our Feet in the Clouds….Again

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Looks like a great route- gorgeous views!

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